Bewith`s flagship model, the frontrunner in the 21st century automotive audio world

Confidence is Bewith’ s flagship speaker, leading the 21st century high-end automotive audio scene with the world’ s first and only all-PPC eccentric cone

The Confidence III series introduced here continues the concept of ultra-high fidelity playback, a constant development theme since the first generation Confidence was released in 2002. Along with unified tone over the entire bandwidth, directivity control and even more highly polished smooth and flat frequency characteristics, the third generation Confidence model offers improved functionality with new digital music sources like high resolution audio and Internet music streaming.

With audiophiles everywhere singing the praises of the Confidence II Sunrise, we’ ve taken the Sunrise as a base and tuned up its diaphragm and magnetic circuits with accurate and robust driving force, delivering beautiful, glossy treble and expressive, powerful mid- and low-range. Featuring the deep glow of the Sunrise Red Metal matte finish center cap produced by nano-carbon deposition, it is the symbol of the evolution of today’ s Bewith.

Confidence III

Including two 2way crossover networks,
two 5cm tweeters, two 13cm midwoofers