A new generation two-way for easy enjoyment of PPC eccentric cone sound

PPC eccentric cone sound, the pride of Bewith, is now even easier to obtain. In a “full range plus tweeter” design, the new 13cm PPC full range unit that reproduces undistorted, clear sound across the full tonal range is combined with a 1.8cm dome tweeter as the two-way B-1300 series, providing high sound quality and high performance without sacrificing excellent installability. A new offering from Bewith that makes it easy for you to enjoy our solid "sound with a difference."

BE-FIT B-1300U
Model B-130 (Woofer) B-18 (Tweeter)
Frequency Response 40Hz – 9.0kHz*1 4kHz – 70kHz*2
Power Handling 15 – 120W 15 – 50W
Sensitivity 90dB/wm 90dB/wm
Magnet Weight 350g 4.5g
Magnet Ferrite Neodymium
Weight 1.18kg 47g

BE-FIT B-180
Frequency Response 20Hz – 6kHz*1
Power Handling 50 – 200W
Sensitivity 87dB/wm
Magnet Weight 764g
Magnet Ferrite
Weight 2.80kg