A high-level processor thats lets you combine units to build the ultimate system.

The STATE A6R series is a group of highly evolved digital processors that take the STATE A6 as a base and add extended firmware, letting you build the ideal system by combining multiple units. The series’ lineup includes three models, the STATE A6R, a 3-way, 6-channel stereo model capable of linking up to 10 units; the STATE A6R DUAL, a 3-way, 3-channel monaural configuration-dedicated model for building dual monaural systems with full left and right independence; and the STATE A6R MONO, a 1-way, 1-channel monaural configuration-dedicated model for achieving the ultimate system with full independence across all channels.

Each model has undergone special audio tuning according to the A6R series-unique components of its analog audio circuit with the goal of even higher resolution and clarity.